Auto Insurance Price Quotes-

Do You Need Car Insurance?

If you own and operate a vehicle in the United States of America, car insurance is a requirement in 48 of the 50 states. Car insurance is state-mandated and if you drive a financed vehicle, the dealership will require that you get comprehensive coverage so that the vehicle is covered in the event that damage occurs to it. So, if you live in either of the 48 states where insurance is required and you are driving a leased or financed vehicle, then you will definitely need car insurance.

A lack of care when shopping for the best car insurance coverage could result in a large bill every month. In addition, choosing the wrong auto insurance company could result in headaches when it comes time to file an auto insurance claim. After researching extensively and exploring different quotes in every state, we have compiled information that can help you find the insurance companies with the best cheap insurance quotes to fit your needs and budget.


Different Drivers Mean Different Rates

When exploring which of the five is the cheapest, it is important to keep in mind that different drivers will be offered various types of insurance rates based on their individual profiles. This includes their credit rating and driving history. As an insurance company makes a decision, they will choose a driver that has a history of no accidents or license points and extend a more competitive premium to them. However, a driver with lower credit and one or two accidents may end up paying substantially more in insurance premiums. The graph below comparing different driver profiles can help with explaining which insurance may be cheaper depending on personal factors.